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Our employees in production and grids help to shape the energy future. The aim is to ensure the safe, stable operation of our power plants and distribution grids.


Goksu Construction has adopted the principle of completing every steel structure project smoothly by providing the necessary support for architectural and appropriate detailing in steel construction projects with its expert technical staff.

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Being aware of the responsibility you give us, we would like to state that our understanding of quality appeals to the upper segments. At Goksu Construction, we have attached great importance to the “Quality Control” process in the projects we have realized so far. By following the developing technology and applications, we have taken measures to minimize the problems that may occur before, during and after production. In addition to quality certificates, we promise to offer you the products you demand completely with our quality control processes, supported by our team and computer systems, which detect and intervene on possible errors, by establishing internal audits. To be able to increase efficiency and quality at the same time, we are still asking ourselves “How can we do better than this?” The point where our difference emerges is that we demand reasonable prices, although we provide a service that exceeds your quality expectations. Our Sales Department, which is extremely sensitive in this regard, makes intensive efforts to minimize the costs of our customers. We hope that you too will take advantage of this service one day. So why not today?

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